Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 75: My Week

Thomas didn't have time to write a blog post this week. So, this is from an email to the family. This was his response to "What is your average week like?"

Recently, things have been pretty crazy, and investigators and such are always different. No one super steady right now.

But, Monday, p-day (kind of. I HATE p-days. So Usually, I try to plan some lessons and stuff. Free time kills me. But Sister Nagano told us to have a p-day, so I tried it today. Alright I guess. Just some talking time. Haha.

Tuesday, Meet Brother S.  Nice, recent-ish convert, who is married in the temple, who sometimes struggles to come to church. Study PMG with him.

Wednesday, A few appointments. Great recent convert that just came to the ward! An investigator. :P I teach the beginner class in Eikaiwa to younger kids that have a hard time focusing.

Then, Thursday, Weekly planning.

Friday, District Meeting.

Saturday, Eikaiwa (English class), Basketball with S (investigator).

Sunday, DCS (ward missionary correlation meeting), church, teach some recent converts (Brother M., and last week, Bro. S.,  a less active, and Bro. S, the man we just baptized), and in so doing, skip lunch. Have some contacting. Eat dinner. Put in some stats.

Then, add two or so splits, zone meetings, half day splits in other areas once or twice, throw out all our regular plans, and reschedule with mad skills (and occasionally skype), and you have my week. :)

Plus lots of new investigators. Like, we just taught person after person last week at church!!! And I translate sometimes for church now. SOOO yeah. That is my week.

Also, Elder O'Reilly got a new companion this past week. Elder Goldsberry. Here's what he said about him:


AWESOME!!! He has as much energy and smiles as I do. We just talk to EVERYONE!!! And they all just get blasted with energy. We've been seeing lots of success. EVEN TAUGHT A FAMILY WITH A TWO YEAR OLD SON!!! FIRST TIME ON MY MISSION!!! :)

He's been out about a year. He is also zone Leader. He is from Farmington.

Elder O'Reilly

My companion, Elder Goldsberry

Bishop took us out to lunch again!
(Side note from Mom: this Bishop's niece lives in my ward now... such a small world!)

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