Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 21: I Will Show Unto Them Their Weakness

Hello everyone!

This week was transfer week! SO we had 8 guests (returning missionaries) at our apartment. It made things a little crazy and messy, but they gave us a referral, and helped us teach a lesson to a less active who (kind of) came back to church!! So this week was crazy busy (all tech staff responsibilities are during transfer week), but we saw lots of miracles, too. 

First, we met with Brother R again! He`s the one who ran up to us and asked us to tell him about our church probably 2 weeks ago. We taught him about the restoration, and then committed him to be baptized! He said yes, but because he is busy, he doesn`t want to pick a date yet. However, he is super interested in what we have to teach, particularly the plan of salvation. Obviously, we are pretty excited about him!

Then the (kind of) reactivated member! We have been working with Brother S (different Brother S than our sick investigator) for a while now, but he hasn`t really had any motivation to come back to church. He loves missionaries - he even wants to become one - but he doesn`t like being around large groups of people... so church is kind of hard. We went with a returning missionary to visit him, and the missionary used a new level of boldness. He basically just said, so your coming to church this week, right? and then helped Brother S come up with a plan for how to motivate himself to come to church. The whole time he was only half on board, but apparently it was enough, because he came back to church! Unfortunately, as soon as he saw how many people were coming, he got stressed and left, but that was a huge step, and we are now working with him instead of against him, so that makes a big difference. And I learned that (obviously) I still have a TON to learn as a missionary.

Now, I'll be honest. This week was pretty crazy. There were lots of demands on our time this week, and my normal (pre-missionary) time management techniques don't work at all - that is waking up earlier and staying up later. We kind of have a schedule.... now, on paper, it all still worked, but now when unexpected problems came up, it was a
much larger test of my patience. It reminded me a bit of Ether 12:27...If men come unto me, I will show unto them their weakness.

Sometimes, I feel like when I do the right thing, it is supposed to be easier, but what is written here, is not that at all. The blessing for coming unto Christ is seeing my weaknesses. But the follow up blessing is that if we are humble, we will be enough. Is that easy? No. Fun? Not necessarily. But it is the only way to grow and change. Seeing that we are not enough, and then choosing to place ourselves in His hands, so that He can change us and help us.

As I began to see things more this way, not much changed in any immediate way. But things become worth it in the end. There was a goal I was working towards - a better me. No, not a magic fix, but a goal, a change, and suddenly, the difficulties have meaning.

So, when you come unto Christ, and it isn't easy, because there will be those times, choose to give it all up to Him! It is best that way!!

Elder O'Reilly

(I got this picture off facebook)

(Another one off facebook from his mission president's wife)

Christmas display at the mall! Gives us a new dendo technique!
"Do you know the meaning of the Christmas tree?
True meaning of Christmas? "  etc.
Answer is almost always a combination of no and curiosity, which is perfect for us!

My companion wanted to go back to the Pokemon store! So here we are! :)

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