Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 25: Go to the Temple!

Hello Everyone!!

Alright. So.... I have a HUGE problem. I could write four novels on everyday of this past week, and I don't even have very much time to write. So... I will start from today and move backwards.

I WENT TO THE TEMPLE TODAY!!! If you haven't been recently, now is your chance! So is tomorrow... maybe you could do both. Haha. Jk. But seriously. That is the one thing I don't like about being a missionary - we only get to go once every six weeks!

Now, why? I will tell you. There is no better place to be tutored by the Spirit. Are you balancing a heavy load? Struggling with a decision? Needing to feel some peace? Wanting to express some gratitude for all the blessings in your life? How about do some service that will extend through the eternities, and allow people to be with their families eternally? If any of those things could be good for you, I would recommend going to the temple. And you probably fit into one of those categories. If not, you should probably go to the temple and rethink your life. So there you go. You fit into one of those categories. Go to the temple. You won't regret it.

One thing that particularly stood out to me at the temple is the following: the Lord can do anything - even take an inexperienced missionary like me to help other people, but first I have to give Him the time to give me direction. I may not know how to work with a ward or overcome a problem, but He certainly does! After turning more and more to Him over the past week, things took a sharp incline in progress! I am definitely liking the direction our area is facing, but it certainly isn't from anything that I can take credit for.

For example, we decided that every plan that we would make would come from revelation, and we actually prayed with the expectation of receiving revelation. As we did so, we ended up in the perfect place to receive many unexpected miracles and meet a lot of great people!

We headed out to meet with a recently reactivated member, and when we got to the train station, we saw some clearly lost foreigners (a mother and a son). We took about an hour to get them on the right platform (after finding out the buses were full, and exhausting every other possible option; they were pretty stressed up to the end, at which point it broke into gratitude and relief), and it actually turned into a great missionary opportunity! When I first brought up the church, she was very reluctant (toward the beginning when she asked what I was doing), but after helping them for an hour or so, their hearts were clearly softened. I hope that they are able to progress in the Gospel even though we won't be able to teach them (they live in the US).

After that, we had an incredible lesson - where the goal was for him to go to the temple. That is the end goal for him anyways - he is pretty active, but hasn't been to church in a while. Anyways, as we talked, another less active walked up to us and said, "well if it isn't the Mormon missionaries!" Out of time, but hopefully we can meet with him again soon!

It's been incredible to see how much more the Lord can do with my time than I can!!! Go and try it this week! AND the perfect place to start is the temple!

Elder O'Reilly

Christmas present from a member!

Bro. H at the temple! (wearing my suit, shirt and tie -- long story)

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