Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 55: Simplicity

Hello Everyone!!!

So... First off, we think Brother O will probably get baptized this week. He is going to confirm with his Doctor today, and we will confirm with him at 7 tonight. If his eye is ok, he asked me to baptize him on Saturday! His conviction is solid. When we went through the baptismal questions, he told us that Christ was the center of his everything, and that this church is the only true church. He didn't have a job because of the problem with his eyes, but he is going job hunting to become a pharmacist again - after he gets the Holy Ghost so that he can make sure he makes the right choice. We didn't suggest that, but his faith is awesome.  (Of course he's studying out different options right now, but he won't make the final decision until he's sure he has the Holy Ghost to help him). 

We got to teach both Brother Y's this week! For the older Brother Y, we decided to just visit him spontaneously, and he suddenly had time. :) Turns out his phone was broken which is why he suddenly stopped communicating with us. I think we will be able to teach him more this week, and there is a good chance he will come to church!

Then, the younger, newer Brother Y came to a sports activity. He brought his friend Brother S with him, and they both have some interest. Not strong investigators yet, but I think they have some curiosity. And we became friends with them both at the activity, so we should at least be able to meet them again this week.

Then JACOB AND BROTHER M CAME TO CHURCH!!! I sat between them, and my two investigators were in front of me, sitting with members and my companion. Most fantastic feeling in the world! Nothing makes me happier than to see others experience the joy of the Gospel. Jacob said he felt good coming back after so long, and he was greeted well by the ward. :) Brother M is going back to his home town tomorrow, so we visited him this morning. He committed to read the scriptures and pray daily, and then fast to know if God is there. I will be following up over Facebook even though he is moving. Hopefully he finds what he is looking for! Both have progressed so well!

You know? This work is simple and it is awesome. First, we find out that there is a God that loves us, and he created a plan for our ultimate happiness. Then, we experience the happiness. Then we share it. And unlike anything else in this world, the happiness multiplies 8 billion times over. The joy from the Gospel is indescribable, but the joy of missionary work goes beyond that. Isn't that incredible? I think I have come to know just the smallest part of what the scriptures mean when they say "how great shall be your joy" when you help others come unto Christ! So let's invite our friends. I mean all of them! What is the worst they could say, no? And if they say yes, both they and we get joy beyond anything we have experienced to this point. I see no down side. SO let's make like Nike and do it!

How great is God's work! Let's press forward together!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Me, relaxing during dinner. My companion took this picture because he
was surprised by how weird my arm is. Haha

We had a sports  activity this week! The one with a picture of a band
on  his shirt  is a friend of Brother Y (the one with the striped
shirt). They are both relatively new investigators! Hopefully we can
teach them more this week. :)

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