Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 84: Loving the Temple!

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty great!! A few highlights:

Last Tuesday we were just about to start companion study, when we had the impression to change our schedule. Language study, lunch, and then companion study at the church. On paper, this should have made essentially no difference. However, with the new flexibility of the schedule, we tried it. The church is close, so we only passed one young person on the way to the church. We invited him to have a church tour, and he said he had time!! After the church tour, we invited him to hear the lessons on another day. Again, he said he had time right then! We taught the plan of Salvation, and he said that it made him want to learn more, and that he also wanted to learn English. Brother N is a very nice college student, and I hope we can meet him in the upcoming week! He seems pretty busy, so I'm not sure when we can meet him next, but it was certainly a good experience!

I was able to meet with an investigator for the first time! He was out of town to help his Mother for a while. We weren't certain what his needs were, but as we read 3 Ne 14:7-11, we explained that he could get good gifts through prayer if he sought them. We paused, and he asked after a moment if prayer could help him overcome tobacco. That was what he wanted. It's an awesome moment when your investigator wants help keeping the commandments!

Then, on Thursday, I went to Urawa! One of the LA youth I worked with is active and strong now (and his hair is short!), and I was able to meet him! Also met with some families I hadn't seen in a while, and we were able to meet with another LA Brother I had started working with there as well. He is more active than when I left, but still working on full activity.

Then, today, I went back to Shibuya to go to the temple! One of the other Elder's Investigators was recently baptized! I didn't teach him much, but I got to work with him, and always translated church for him, so that was good news! Now he goes to the English ward, so he doesn't need a translation, which is also good. And Brother K, an investigator I had in Shibuya realized he needs to be baptized again, and already has the testimony to do so! Great to go back and hear everyone is doing well!

Of course, going to the temple was also a great experience today. Every time I go, I leave feeling uplifted, with the direction I need, and secure. I am confident that God loves each of us, that He wants to direct us, and that this is His church on the earth! I would encourage you to attend the temple often, as I know God gives this wonderful peace and direction to all who worthily attend.

Have a great week!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

This is Bro. S from Shibuya! Since the temple is in the Shibuya area, we met up for
breakfast and then walked to the temple together.

I got a Valentine's Day present! Yep. I feel special.
Lucy (her American nickname), an Eikawa student, gave chocolate to me and my companion.
Very thoughtful, retired woman who comes every week to church and Eikawa. Not a member.

Thought I would show you what I usually have for breakfast. Miso vegetable soup and Nato-Kimuchi- Mentai.
Absolutely delicious.

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