Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 86: A difference in plans?!

Hello Everyone!!

I honestly had a SUPER miracle filled week, but all that is on my mind is transfer calls from today.

I just got to this area last transfer, and recently, the President has been making younger missionaries leaders, so I figured I was done being Zone Leader, and it was someone else's turn to learn. I thought I could quite comfortably be on my own in Kasukabe, and quietly push forward the work here.

But the Lord has different plans, I suppose.

I was just called to go back to the Mission Office. This time, instead of being a Tech Staff (though they specifically said they also want me to help them), I will be an Assistant to the President.

I was blown away. I had thought of every other possibility. Perhaps even transferring. But this had not crossed my mind. Being a Zone Leader had pushed my limits - but this will be a new chance for learning. I will pray that the Lord can shape me and guide me so I can help the Missionaries I serve. I look forward to the chance I have to learn greater love, patience, diligence - and at the same time, am rather terrified. Not to say that I feel the calling is all that large, but simply to say that I feel oh so small in comparison.

Anyways... That is what is on my mind. I have to be gone by tomorrow morning (as opposed to Wednesday. I get to go pick up new missionaries tomorrow night! I guess we have to decide companionships and such?), so it's been a busy day. But I would like to touch on a few highlights this week:

Brother I came to church for a church tour! He heard the Restoration, and had SOOO many good questions! We found him on the street last week Sunday, and he will come next week to church. Sunday is his break!

Today, I got to meet with a less active and somewhat recent convert that I met when I came to Kasukabe on exchanges when I was in Urawa. He decided for himself he wants to come back to church - just in time to meet him. I feel that meeting with Brother K was a miracle in timing and nature! I had by coincidence met him about 4 times before - once was even in the Temple doing baptisms! Glad the hand of the Lord is in my work!

Had three new students come to Eikaiwa! Seems they will be coming to a lot from now on. And their breaks are on Sundays too! So I think they'll come in the future. :)

Man. So many miracles. I can't write it all.

It's weeks like this that make me humble myself, let me know that God loves us, directs us, and has a great plan for us - even if it is different from ours.

Love you all! Remember this week that I love you, and that God loves you!

And of course, Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Here are some people I teach. Wish I had taken more pictures.

All the youth! 

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