Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 87: Meetings!

Hello Everyone!!!

This week was INSANE!!! It was from meeting to meeting. All day. Train the New Missionaries. Pick their companions. See the Returning missionaries off. Plan Missionary Leadership Council. Plan the Zone Conferences. Get reports from a senior couple on the English teaching in our mission. Go to Missionary Leadership Council. Go to Zone Conference. And some where in there, we had splits with the Elders from Niigata. I have not had so much as a minute of normal missionary work with my actual companion. Haha But it is fun to be busy!!!

My companion, Elder Clark is just great. He is such a great leader, and loves the mission SOO much! Super organized, punctual, and thoughtful. And is great at remembering all the things we have to do. Really just such a great example to me.

One thing we have been focusing on is discernment. We don't have that much time to be finding people to teach. So... we'll be out going to some task or visit a less active member, and we can only talk to 1 person on the way. While not every person we talk to is willing to meet again, every contact has been meaningful, and I can tell that who we are speaking with is directed by the Spirit. We just happen to talk to people who want to learn English, went to a Christian School, etc. God is really directing our daily work!

An interesting thing we tried this week on splits this week: Free English Challenge. Had a short test for the people to take. They were walking up to us! And everyone had great interest. Unfortunately, it seemed that more women were interested in the test than men, but... either way, we got lots of contact info, and we just had better contacts with people in general. Of course, this was more of a way to get students for Eikaiwa and such, but that is a GREAT source for investigators, so we are hoping it is fruitful!

This upcoming week, I will get a p-day on Monday. This last Monday, we were preparing for MLC and Zone Conferences (Tuesday and Thursday). Next week, we will be going to Saitama Zone Conference, then up to Niigata. So... I will leave my area on Tuesday morning and get back Friday afternoon. Certainly a different type of work. And somewhere in there, I will be starting to apply for my Japanese license. SO... that's exciting!

This week, I have been praying more than ever that I will be able to help the missionaries and people that I will come in contact with. It is my testimony that God answers our prayers and, through His grace strengthens us to accomplish His work! He guides me through every step of the way, and I am so grateful to be a tool in His hands! There is no other path to such great joy!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

All the missionaries in my ward! And the Dendo shunin on the far right. Also, Sister Bede, far left, was here the last time I was in Nakano. We both came back this transfer. Just fun random fact.

Fast Sunday Dinner with some Members. We brought food to the church and made it with the YSA, and two of our Recent Converts! Also, we taught them (Brother M, top Left, and Brother H, Second from bottom left) a few times this week. So... we still do normal missionary work. Just mostly, people come to us because we don't have much time to go out to them. Haha. We never leave the little corner that has the Church, Mission Home, and Office/apartment! Haha The two in the Bottom left refused to fully get in the picture.

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