Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 2: The new best day ever!

Hey everyone!

I'm a little short on time to write. Sorry! :P

This week has been crazy. Every day we teach one or two lessons in Japanese and most of the day is class time, so we don't get very much time to prepare. Aside from the Japanese language, learning to teach people and not lessons is difficult!! Doing both at the same time is impossible. But as my companion and I have learned to rely a little more on the Spirit, we've been prompted with things to say and questions to ask. Doing the Lord's work is so incredible!!! Truly, it is His work!

Well... the Spirit here is incredible! As I've had all these crazy experiences, it can be a little stressful, but by the end, we rely on the Lord and every day is my new favorite!!

Life is Awesome!!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Elder O'Reilly

My district in front of the Provo Temple!

My zone! I'm going inside today! Can't wait!

My district and some of my teachers.

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