Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 1: A cRaZy week!

Hey family and friends!!!

This week has been crazy, but awesome! Every moment has been scheduled out, and my companion and I often study through breaks, shorten meals, etc. to learn more. So we're definitely working hard - there's just so much to learn!!! But it's awesome! I've felt the Spirit so much, and I've definitely already seen how God can help me understand and speak Japanese! It's incredible.

So... A normal day goes like this:

I get up around 6:08 (that way we feel like we slept in 8 minutes, haha). Then off to Gym or to clean a building, depending on the day. We come back, get ready in like ten seconds, eat breakfast and run to class. We have class pretty much until dinner, with a break in the middle for lunch. During class we study the Gospel in Japanese, which at first seemed impossible, but with a little bit of time and a TON of God's help, is now somewhat enjoyable.

Then, during some point in morning class, Johnson Chourou and I go and teach a PI - a "progressing investigator." We are teaching Morimoto and Youko. They both have backgrounds of real people even though we are really just teaching actors. It's so fun and sooo fulfilling - even if it is a little nerve racking. I can't wait to do it for real!

Probably the coolest thing we did this week was skype a member in Japan. She was converted to the Gospel 4 years ago, but her husband and 4 kids didn't join with her. We just talked with her about keeping up the faith and how she could stay strong in the Gospel. It was an awesome meeting!!! There isn't a work as satisfying as the work of the Lord!!!

Well... as I have been thinking this week, I was thinking about why the Lord chose to send me to Japan. There are probably literally more than a million people who could preach the Gospel in Japanese better than I could, but as I thought about Joseph Smith - a 14 year old boy who God chose to restore the Gospel through, I realized that God picks people a little differently than I do. He chooses people so that they can learn from the experience. He chooses people He can humble and use as an instrument, not the master speaker or teacher. Sometimes, I feel like I need to be perfect right now - but I can't be, and luckily that isn't the expectation. Instead, God blesses us with miracles and the help needed to get through the week. Truly, I know that God never leaves us alone!!! He will always be there to help us through.

Well.. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love you all!!
Elder O'Reilly

With my companion, Elder Johnson (from Farmington, UT)

My District

My district on P-day

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