Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 10: The Perfect Plan

Hey Everyone!!!

So much happened this week, but I'll settle for just giving you the highlight - the coolest miracle of the week.

It was raining pretty hard - to the point that Elder Abo said "it isn't raining - it's flooding!" (we were joking, but apparently it flooded in other areas). Whenever it rains hard, a lot of appointments fall through. People don't like leaving their houses when they have to swim to get to their destination.

So, because of the rain, our teaching appointment fell through. We got a phone call from an investigator - Bro. Y, who we thought had dropped us - while we would have been teaching. We don't answer the phone when we are teaching, and we wouldn't have had time to teach him that day if the other appointment hadn't fallen through anyways. So it was perfect timing.

But wait, it gets better.

We hopped on our bikes and went to the church. Our investigator was a little late, so we had time to talk to a member we had been trying to get a hold of - plus he gave us a McDonalds gift card, which was both random and a miracle.

Afterwards, we walked into the church, and started talking to a member who was waiting for institute to start. Just then, a man walked in and asked us if Eikaiwa (our English class) was tonight. He had apparently searched us out online and found us, and just happened to walk in right after we got there! We told him that Eikaiwa is each week on Wednesday (it was Friday), we exchanged contact information, and he told us we'd see him then!

Finally, our investigator, Bro. Y. came in about 20 minutes late - which was perfect timing for us. He asked us if we thought that now was God's timing for him to be baptized. We told him that the fact that he was meeting with us was a sign that it indeed was - and he agreed with us! I'm excited to see him start progressing again!

It's funny - earlier in the week, I was getting frustrated with myself. I kept telling myself that perhaps if I were a better missionary, Bro. Y. wouldn't have dropped us - but I was missing the big picture. Sometimes, I think we want everything to work out, and we want it to work out now. God's timing doesn't work like that. He lets us struggle for a little bit. We learn some, and then He shows us the miracles.

Remember, God has a plan for me, and He has a plan for you. There are hard times in that plan. Sometimes, we mess up pretty bad, too. However, God is the perfect planner, and even when we don't know exactly how things are going to work out, we can have faith in the One who does. Just think - the most powerful, all knowing being in the Universe loves YOU and has a plan for you personally. I don't think anything can be more comforting than that!

Well... those are my thoughts for the week!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder O'Reilly

Group of recent converts that we teach together about once a week. We
teach them how to teach the Gospel for missions and future families
and such... Cause I'm totally a pro at that. Haha. Lol.

My zone!

Apartment Building (Mom found it on google :-))

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