Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 9: A Message to the World!

Hey Everyone!!!

It has been an incredible week here in Saitama!!! I'm making so many friends here, both members and investigators.

We've been seeing so many miracles here in Saitama! I don't even know where to start...

Well... I've got some good news, and some bad news, so I'll start with the bad so I can end on the good. That'll give me somewhere to start, and it will go from there.

Unfortunately, Brother Y. didn't come to his teaching appointment on Saturday, nor to church on Sunday, so we are a little worried about him. :P It's really weird... we just had a great lesson with him where we confirmed that he is keeping all the commandments and knows the Gospel is true. So... hopefully he's just a little busy this week.

Now on to the good! I can't even tell you all the good we had this week!

First, we have been challenging lots of members to pray for missionary opportunities... and one had this awesome story.

The first day she prayed, she got a call from a friend who got a flier from a missionary on the street. The friend had realized that it was this member's church. So... the friend called and asked to hear about the church.

Yep. If you want to see a miracle this week, pray for missionary opportunities every day with faith, and God will give you that opportunity! I can't guarantee it will be answered as quickly or directly, but the opportunity will come if you look for it! The Gospel really is a message to the world! No one excluded!

Second, I taught another lesson on splits... usually when this happens I get someone who can speak English. I explain the lesson plan to them, get confused, read some scriptures, and they explain what I should have explained, and call it good. But this time, my douseki fell through. I had to get a last minute replacement, and he didn't speak English. I also had no time to explain the lesson plan. I stopped for a moment, prayed for the gift of tongues... and I actually understood what was going on! That was truly a miracle. Honestly, I think my Japanese
jumped at least 10 levels in a minute. It's amazing to see God's hand in EVERY aspect of His work!

Lastly, I was on a train. Today, actually. I was walking down the train, trying to decide who I should talk to. Don't judge me too hard, but I usually look for someone who looks nice, maybe a family, or just a kind man, to share the Gospel with. There are a lot of people, so I have to pass some of them by. I usually pass by the people
who look a little rougher around the edges, assuming they would reject my message. But, as I was about to pass this man by, my Dad's advice came to mind. "Don't assume that someone won't accept the Gospel. It
is for everyone." So... I went and talked to him. Turns out he has a lot of interest!!! We talked about the importance of family and believing in God. I got his phone number, and I will be contacting him later! I have no doubt that it was the Spirit that brought that advice to my mind at that moment.

So... as you pray for missionary opportunities this week, don't make any assumptions about who is ready to receive the Gospel. Share it with EVERYONE!! Everyone is a child of God, and everyone NEEDS to know it.

Be Awesome Missionaries this week! Go out and share it!!!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly


This cute guy was playing with my iPad... haha. His family is awesome!

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