Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 11: My Notes on the Week

Hey Everyone!!!

I don't have a lot of time. An appointment went over, and I had to do some reporting... sorry. I haven't thought about this at all, and it will be quick. So it will probably just be my thoughts thrown out on a page. :P

First, I want to talk about the man that we met randomly at the church who was searching for Eikaiwa last Friday! He came!

So, after Eikaiwa, the purpose is always to talk to people and try to set up lessons. I decided to try to talk to him, and see if I could find any desires that I could connect to a reason to learn about the Gospel. As I was talking to him and getting to know him, he just said, "yeah, I'm going to Australia soon. It seems there are a lot of
Christians there, so I would really like to learn about Christianity." I have to say, that is an incredibly easy desire to hook to the Gospel.

SO... we taught him yesterday! The lesson was great! We were on companionship splits, so I had to lead out on a lot of the lesson. It was exciting, though a bit crazy and scary, but in the end, he said it was fun and that he wanted to meet again! Aside from that, he said he wants to find out for himself whether or not it is true. He basically had all the right desires, and I was just there to watch the magic happen. This was one of many experiences that has shown me that this is the Lord's work!

Now, as for how the bulk of this week went, we mostly just met with recent converts and less actives. That's awesome, but not meeting with any of our investigators killed me...

However, on Sunday is when all the miracles happened. We had three or so lessons planned. However, through unexpected phone calls on Saturday night, and talking to people unexpectedly Sunday morning, we ended up teaching six lessons, four with investigators! It was crazy! We didn't have a lot of time to plan, and some of them had to be done on splits, so I had to think quickly. I know that the Spirit was the only way they could have gone well at all! I have two minutes, so I can't give details... sorry. :P But all of our investigators were able to, first, make some progress, and second, make appointments for throughout this week, so I'm excited. :)

I guess the big thing I learned this week is the importance of looking for and following the Spirit. We had a conference with Elder Whiting, and he said to take, as a challenge, every positive thought as a prompting from the Spirit. The biggest thing it's made me do is focus my thoughts more on my investigators and trust that God would give me inspiration to help them. Especially on Sunday, I KNOW that God helped me find just the right members to help and make the right lesson plans, even on such short notice!

The Spirit is so important in everything we do in missionary work - we couldn't do missionary work without it. But there are more things in life than just missionary work that we need the Spirit for. It's essential in making decisions, and we never know when we will need it to keep us safe. That's why it's important that we take time each day and live in such a way that we can really "receive the Holy Ghost." Doing that is an active thing, and there is no objective more worthy of our time or focus. As I've sought the Holy Ghost, I've been able to
more fully see God's hand in my life, and things just fall into place, exactly as they should be. Aside from that, who doesn't want to feel the  Holy Ghost all the time? And I know that other people can have those awesome experiences, too. That's why I'm here. :)

Well, those are my thoughts for the week!

Love you all!


Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Us, helping with the Mormon Helping Hands experience on Saturday.
Sorry... I really wanted to talk about this, but... next week.

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