Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 42: Tender Mercies

Hello everyone!!!

So... This week, we got to meet with Bro G again! We met him again on Tuesday and set a baptismal date for the twenty second of May. He is busy, and it is hard to meet, but hopefully we'll be able to help him work towards that goal!

We were also able to meet with the family man, Brother S. He was SUPER open with us for a first meeting, telling us about how he wants to strengthen his family relationships, and how he is looking for the truth. He is a perfect example of those who are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it! We meet with him again tomorrow after Eikaiwa (English Conversation Class). I'm excited! 

I realized that I haven't talked about what I do on a regular basis much. Usually, we go around visiting various less actives and talking to EVERYONE on the way. Someone asked me if our street contacting is natural... Well, if people are few enough, sometimes we cross the street and stop our bikes just to talk to someone. It feels natural to me, but I don't think it feels natural to them. Haha. I'll let you judge.

Then, when we get to the less actives house, we ask for the person, and usually they don't want to meet with us, or a relative answers the door and says that the said person is no longer interested and we leave a note, or some of them have even passed away. Most of the records we are going through are people that were baptized 40-60 years ago, and most do not have the Priesthood (meaning that they became less active pretty quickly)... But the ward wants us to visit everybody on the list and see how they are doing, so we'll do it! It is a long list, so it will take us a while. We found 2 or 3 people that have some chance of coming back that we are working with, so hopefully something comes of it!

After visiting the less active, we house around the area a bit (we don't do too much housing - most people have a camera in front of their house, so they just see that they don't know us, and we don't get to talk to too many people that way, so not my favorite way to find new people),  and head to the next appointment or less active. It's fun to always have a place to work towards, and keeps us moving around our area.

As we were doing that this week, we also found Brother H. - someone that home stayed in America many years ago! He came to church this week, and enjoyed it. We plan on having our first lesson with him next week, as he is going out of town.

Anyways, that was our week! I can see the Lord's hand in our work everyday! I hope that each of you remembers to look for the little tender mercies that God is putting in each of your lives everyday!

Stay Awesome!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Sister Horii is awesome and makes delicious lunches every Sunday.
Gives us more time to Dendo, and look at that double stacked sandwich! Heaven :-)

The family man! :) Brother S.

Bunch of Elders coming to our area for Zone P-Day!

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