Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 39: Prayer Works!

Hello Everyone!

This week was crazy! To be honest, it was so jam packed that it feels like I was writing home yesterday... The speed at which time flies scares me a bit!

Anyways... Some of the stuff we did this week...

First, we are teaching a man from France! He seems pretty interested, but as a college student learning Japanese, he is pretty busy. It's way crazy to have to practice some of my French again... Sometimes Japanese words come out, and sometimes it comes out in Japanese grammar... Which does not work at all en Français. Haha.

Aside from that, it was transfer week, so I had a chance to work with younger missionaries, and work with older missionaries as well (we became the companionship for the random odds and ends that did not have a companion while their companions were transferring). In short, got some good feed back, and was able to help a "younger" missionary (he has 5 or so years on me, but recently came to the field) set plans for Japanese study and learn some new teaching skills. Helping other missionaries is probably one of my favorite things to do - and it is a good motivator, because without striving yourself, you really can't help anybody.

Well, aside from that, we started visiting a long list of less actives. Most of them were converts in their teens, and are now in their 70's, so most say something like "what church?" Or "oh. I'm Buddhist now." And then there are some that moved. So we basically just talk to everyone on the way to make it effective.

Most people we talked to weren't interested. However, while we were biking home yesterday, it just struck me - if God wanted to put someone in my path he could. So, I prayed that a prepared person would be put in my path, and, the next person we talked to was a couple that wants to learn about how families can be eternal! Hopefully we can meet with them again soon! So, prayer works! It gives us direction, help, strength, and blessings, so make sure you pray over EVERYTHING you do this week (Alma 37:37). It works. I promise.

Stay Awesome!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

This is my "I don't think I have taken a pic in 2 weeks" face. Haha.
Oops. I'll have to ask the other Elders in the apartment for some good
pics. :P I'll take some today after we email, Mom. Don't worry. I
promise. Haha.

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