Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 46: Standing Out

Hello Everyone!!

This week was fantastic! Learning SOO much everyday. Also realized that for the most part, I still have no idea what I am doing as a missionary. Guess that is where relying on the Lord comes in. Funny how easily my mind slips and I start thinking that it's me doing God's work when it was really Him the whole time. Good, humbling weeks fix that though. And yes, I had another one of those. So still no appointments with investigators, though we could contact a few... Some busy working, some busy getting married... Excuses. We already have some appointments for this week, so only up from here!

So, this week, being lost on what to do, decided to fast with some specific questions. That day, we suddenly had splits with the other Elders in our apartment, and he literally answered all my questions as we talked. Without me bringing it up or asking anything. He also only gave advice specifically on the questions I had... Shows me that I have very spiritually in tune zone leaders and a loving Father in Heaven looking out for me. Also got some really cool personal direction in addition. From here, working more with members, and trying to be more creative in my missionary approaches - things I knew I should have been doing, but I guess I was just satisfied with the progress we were having, and it was more comfortable to do it my own way.

So, we had some practice lessons and appointments with members, and starting to build a better relationship with the ward. Which is actually pretty fun, and usually delicious. Just a slight bonus.

Then, we were able to meet with two new less actives this week! It's not too common that that happens - people are usually not home, moved, or even passed away - the records the church is having us go through are so old! Neither particularly wants to meet again, but one of them opened up a little bit after we testified and wants to meet the missionary that baptized him again. He was baptized some 50 years ago, so not sure we can do that, or that his missionary even speaks Japanese or is alive, but we'll certainly try! And at first he said he didn't remember the missionaries at all, but then, as he felt the Spirit, he admitted that he clearly remembered him, and even respected him! Still active member of a different church, but we might be able to help him a little? We'll certainly try.

Well, my thought this week is simple, and comes from the pictures I sent. I went to a shrine today, and they had some koi fish. We were all looking at them, when a red and yellow fish came out from under the bridge. As I thought about these fish, I thought about how no one ever says - "hey, look at that fish, it's the same as all the others!" Those fish are boring. Everyone admires the bright colored fish.

Then I thought about people. So many people are so afraid of being different, being picked on, or being left out. So they try to blend in. Consequently, they can turn into these boring fish! I think back on the people that I really looked up to - it wasn't those that went with the flow, but those that had the courage to stand out, particularly those who chose to do so by being bright with the hope of the Gospel!

So choose to stand out this week by living the Gospel of Christ! I promise people will admire the bright light of Christ from within!

Stay Awesome!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly
"Look at that fish! It's just like the others!" haha

Me. Being super cool with the founder of the oldest park in Japan.

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