Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 68: The Power of the Book of Mormon

Hello everyone!!

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes!!  I had a fantastic week!! We had three investigators come to church this week. Honestly, we have nothing to do with any of them coming - a part member family moved in, Brother and Sister N; a man was referred from Okinawa with interest in family history, Brother I; and a self referral, Brother Ne, who may have actually just wanted food. Haha. But because they are new, and a new area opens in our area this week (today was transfer calls. Me and my companion stay, Elder Murakami), we will probably be referring those three to the new area? Still have to discuss it with my companion. But I would feel bad if we didn't give the new companionship anything, seeing as Elder Titel, a trainee I worked with in Niigata, will be whitewash training and District Leader. But still a way cool miracle, even if I won't be too involved in their progress.

Currently, our top investigator is probably Brother S. He came to church last week, and will come next week, but couldn't meet with us until after church yesterday. On our first meeting last Sunday, he said he wasn't sure that God was there. Yesterday, after reading the Book of Mormon for a week, he said that he wants to follow God. He is SOO gold. Way nice man. We then took him on a church tour, and when we showed him the font, he said, so this is where I'll be baptized on the 19th? Umm... Yeah. He hadn't said yes to our commitment yet - he had wanted more time to think. But he seems to be leaning towards the yes side.

One of our other investigators, Brother A was found last week when we used our Door Book of Mormon. He claims to have met me there anyways. I actually don't remember it at all, but I'm not going to question it. We talk to a lot of people.

Anyways, he is pretty golden. He had met with missionaries before, and says that after going through some trials, considers himself more prepared to receive our message. Awesome. In addition, he saw in a dream that God wanted him to join His chosen people. That's us because we have no payed preachers. Way cool. But then he doesn't want us to teach him because he wants it to be given to him directly from God. Also, he is convinced that the Holy Ghost comes directly from God with no ordinance or people involved in the process. So... Some difficult ideas, but he likes the Book of Mormon (so we can share scriptures instead of "teaching"), so we may just be teaching a lot out of the Book of Mormon and overcoming some doctrine issues, which in the end is alright. However, he also believes sacred text shouldn't be translated, so he refuses to read the Book of Mormon in Japanese. Or go to church in Japanese. So... We may refer him to the English ward. And I'm not going to be the one to tell him the Book of Mormon wasn't originally written in English. Haha.

These two experiences, in combination with many others, allow me to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon. I testify with Joseph Smith that by following its teachings we will get closer to God than by any other book. It changes hearts, and it changes mine daily as it teaches me in clarity and power about my Savior, His Atonement, and His Gospel, the way to get the gifts of happiness and peace provided by the Atonement.

And I testify with the Book of Mormon that Jesus is the Christ, the only one who could pay the price for our sins. He is what makes it possible for us to change, repent, improve, and become more like Him! He allows us to be saved from sin, weakness, impatience, anger, frustration - not by saving us in such things, but allowing us to change, and thus be saved from them. And I know that striving - just trying really hard - to follow the teachings in the Book of Mormon, allows us to get those blessings. That is something that we can all do. What a great pathway the Savior has opened for all of us!

So I challenge you to read The Book of Mormon daily. Study it. Love it. Find out if it is true by applying it's teachings. And watch the power flow into your life; watch your relationship with God and your Savior grow. Let your testimony become strong, and watch with it your happiness, confidence, and joy become steadfast and immovable!

Love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Elder O'Reilly

This was delicious!

Fried up our own Okanomiyaki!! I had Seoul style (kimchii!!!)

Went bowling today!

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