Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 69: Choosing Happiness

Hello Everyone!!!

This week has been GREAT!!! New transfer, and a good number of things are changing. New people in the apartment, and it feels like it will be a lot of fun. Been doing a lot of laughing in the apartment, but it's carried onto the street as well. Getting people to smile or even laugh in our contacts is quite enjoyable, and it makes me happy to see others happy. Plus, focusing on being happy and sharing that happiness has resulted in a higher number of positive responses.

Now... Few cool things this week. First, Brother S has decided that he wants to be baptized. He made the jump from "if it's true" to "because it's true." We watched the restoration after that, and he was amazed by the power and love of Joseph Smith! He truly was a great prophet! Loved seeing a little more into his life. And though I have not ever met him, I know he was a prophet of God. The Spirit testifies of it, and that is something that each of us can know for ourselves. We just have to ask!

Aside from that, we were able to find a few new people this week. We actually found three new people just today! 2 high school students, and a Chinese man in the train today. Great to see how the Lord prepares them, and leads us to our needs as we pray and seek his guidance!

One thing that I have been teaching a Less Active recently, who has been struggling with feeling unhappy, is that we can choose happiness. He was convinced that we are meant to experience lots of sadness. To an extent, yes, we need trials, difficulties, and there will be down days. But we never need to stay in unhappiness, and we certainly don't need to choose unhappiness!

In fact, the purpose of our existence is joy, and saints can have joy in every circumstance. Often, I focus on teaching that men are that they may have joy, but I often forget to teach the next verse (2 Ne 2:26). If we choose Christ, we can be saved. From what? Unhappiness. Imperfection. Frustration. Grudges. All of it! We can choose to be happy when we choose Christ!

So, this week, let's choose to be happy. Choose obedience. Choose love. Choose Christ.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

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