Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 70: Miracles!

Hello Everyone!!

Had a great week full of miracles!! Yesterday was particularly awesome! We went to a Baptism with our investigator, Bro S. He was surprised by the simplicity of the service. It helped him overcome some of his worries, and he began asking good questions like "who can baptize me in Shibuya." And other specific questions that made us feel like he is moving in a very positive direction. Still have to finish teaching the commandments, but he seems to be accepting everything pretty well.

After the baptism, I had my first baptismal interview (Bro. D, another investigator in their ward, passed with flying colors). It all took a little longer than we expected, so we were running late to our plans. We had wanted to go distribute fliers after an English test that we teach a prep class for, but there wasn't much point in going late, so we prayed and felt we should look for students in the area we were in. Now, first, I want you to understand we have been looking for students for months, and haven't found any non member students yet. But the first student we talked to told us he was taking the test and would love the help! Got his number, and we think we will teach Bro O English and a Gospel message this week! Then, we found another prospective student, and some great contacts, and some prospective investigators as well!! Just shows that following the Spirit always leads to the best

Well... Life is AWESOME in Japan! I know the Gospel is true, and it is the way to happiness, because of what it can help us become. I've been realizing more and more that the less I do for my self, and the more I just work for others, the happier I become and the more the Spirit comes into my life. Selflessness is quite possibly the way to

So go serve somebody this week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Love you all!!
Elder O'Reilly

Mission Leader Conference - November

Mission Leader Conference Lunch

Went out to lunch with Bro. S!

Went out to lunch!!! All you can eat sukiyaki is awesome! :)

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