Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 71: How Great Shall Be Your Joy!

Hello Everyone!!!

Did you know that this Gospel is Awesome? If you don't, I'd love to tell you about it. Probably my favorite hobby right now. :) haha

Anyways... This week was great. We had two investigators come to church this week.

The first was Brother S. He passed his Baptismal Interview!!! WHOOHOO!!!! He's excited, we're excited, and the Ward seems excited, too. When we did our mock interview with him, the Spirit was so strong.

We asked him if he believed that God was his Heavenly Father.

He said yes with confidence and without hesitation (in stark contrast to his not being sure if there was anything out there just 6 or so weeks ago).

We asked him how.

He first described how we taught him these basic truths. Then he went home, read the Book of Mormon and prayed. He testified to us that he felt the Spirit tell him it was true.

The rest of the interview proceeded in a manner that continued to blow me away. I LOVE hearing recent converts bear testimony, especially when I know that they just came to know. That in it's self is an incredible miracle. Thus, the Lord says that "this is the spirit by which Moses brought the children of Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground." (D&C 8:3). When we first met him, he was super nice - always asking if he could help put up chairs, set up, etc. He just looks for ways to serve people. Now there is an additional light around him, and he just seems a bit happier. No, his life wasn't a wreck before we met him, and he was a great guy, but life with the Spirit just brings it to a new level. He will be baptized Sunday Morning, and then confirmed. I LOVE seeing the joy the Gospel brings!

The other investigator at church was Bro K. He actually came the first week that Bro S came, and shows serious potential. He talked about how awesome it was that Bro S had started coming to church every week, and congratulated him on his baptism. As I continued to talk with him, he told me that his Mother is Catholic, and has been praying that he would read the bible and become Christian for a long time. He has never had interest. Until recently, right around the time we found him six weeks ago. He felt that it was the answer to his Mother's prayer, and now believes in the power of prayer.

As I continued to talk to him, I found that he had read from the Book of Mormon we gave him and liked it. Plus, he feels like his baptism as a baby had no meaning because it wasn't by his will. He seemed to like our doctrine on Baptism, particularly by immersion, and is excited to come to the Baptism this week. He isn't willing to meet with us outside of church, and doesn't let us talk to him much except during Gospel Principles class, which really confuses me. But he is so kind. We think that as a Catholic, he knows the goal of Missionaries is to Baptize, and is therefore a little hesitant. However, he gets a little better each time, and I feel he will start progressing really
well really soon (hopefully when he comes to see the Baptism?).

We had some other investigators, but we referred them. People come from all over to Shibuya. One actually lives not too far North of us, and we already heard that he went to church and liked it! Hopefully Brother E does well, too, though I won't see too much of his progress.

Then, one of my favorite activities this week was "prep-mission." We all got together with youth from another stake in the Shibuya Chapel. We were assigned new companions for the day, and went out finding. I got two companions, a return missionary and a 19 year old who just applied for his mission (still waiting on the call).

As we were finding, we talked to one particular man, and were able to testify of and give out the Book of Mormon. Normal days work. Right?

My companion was ecstatic. It was the first Book of Mormon he had given out in his life. It scared him out of his mind, but the joy and Spirit that came from it was so real. And it made me think how great this work is! As we perform it, we bring peace and joy into the lives of our Brothers and Sisters. And as we do so, we multiply the joy and peace we feel. Oh, How great is that joy!

So... I have a challenge for you. Open your mouth to at least one person this week. Maybe on the elevator (I've done that one before, you have to be fast and prepared. I wish I had been a little more of both), or maybe with a close friend. It will be hard. Maybe awkward. Maybe you won't know what to say. But how great will be your joy! (D&C 18:15)

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Companions at the mini mission! (Featuring Elder Banks)

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