Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 66: Tokyo Temple!!! :)

Hello Everyone!!!

Just got out of the Temple!! It was fantastic!! :) first time in a LONG while. Missionaries in Niigata don't get to go, so this is the first time since I was Tech Staff... That was January, maybe? Anyways. I think it was the second time this year. I've missed the close communion you can have there. Going in a session is like being hit by a wave of the Spirit!! It's always hard to leave. I would encourage all to spend time there regularly!! It is such a great blessing.

This week has been fantastic all around. Unfortunately, the investigators we were working with the most dropped off the map. However, we found more investigators this week than we had in total before. In addition, I was able to get into contact with one of my former investigators from Niigata (the one that read the story of Laban and decided he needed to read the whole Book of Mormon). He moved to Shibuya, which is the reason we stopped teaching him before. We referred him over to the Elders here, but apparently, they never actually got into contact with him (maybe they called at the wrong times?). He seems excited to meet, but is busy this week (he freaked out over the phone when I told him I had moved to Shibuya), so it will have to wait until next week. That is Brother D.

Then, we were able to meet with another investigator, Brother T. He hadn't been progressing too well, so we weren't sure if we would continue meeting with him. He was "busy," so we couldn't meet too often, and he wasn't really willing to commit to much. However, his dream is to have a good family, unlike the one he grew up in. We decided to have a Family Home Evening with him in a members home, and he seemed to enjoy it very much. I think it may have become motivation for him, so that he can have that kind of family! We were able to set a goal for his baptism on the 19th of November, but it's still conditional on his getting a confirmation of it's truth. However, he said he wanted to read and pray everyday, and come to church when he can, so it should go over just fine. :)

Also met with a few people on the street that literally gave us their number after we introduced ourselves. One was Brother A. Met with him for lunch, and found that he simply wanted to learn about Christianity, since he feels like he doesn't get to hear about it much in Japan. He was absolutely certain that he can't believe something he can't see, but we explained to him about Spiritual senses, and he said he will try to read the Book of Mormon and pray - but with more of the goal of learning who Christ is than whether or not it is true. But if he has any real intent whatsoever, I think it will be awesome! :) We'll see. We meet with him again on the 22 of the month.

I'm not sure which of our other investigators will pan out, but all of them were AWESOME! We've been super busy (planning zone meetings, interview with the president - which means we stay inside and check all 24 missionaries iPads from 8-4, meeting with the leadership of the mission, etc), but as we strive to follow the Spirit and accomplish His work, miracles happen, everything comes together, and the work in our area is actually going better than ever!

I know that God lives and loves us! Don't ever take it for granted; remember to express gratitude, and ENJOY the Gospel daily!!

Love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Mission Leader Conference
(picture from Sis. Nagano on facebook)

Played soccer with some investigators!

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