Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 64: Was that a week ?!?!

Hello Everyone!!!

So.... This week FLEW by. And I have five minutes before I leave for Nakano for splits. Kind of out of time. Sorry. :P

Some things that happened this week -

Played basketball with Bro S. He still wants to be baptized and thinks (isn't sure) that our church is true!!! Just need to overcome the boundary of his parents...

GOT TONS OF FOOD FROM MEMBERS!!! And a great meal of Navajo tacos. :)

Visited with the Bishop, set goals for the area for one baptism per missionary until the end of the year. We will be activating families and talking to relatives to do so. Excited about the plans to work with the ward!

Well... Biggest thing that happened this week that I remember is talking in church. I got to introduce myself. Hey. I'm Elder O'Reilly. I like natto sandwiches and my dream is to be Japanese. Got a good laugh out of it... And then I changed the words I planned on speaking in the moment. Shared entirely different scriptures, and entirely different thoughts. Certainly a testimony that the words will be given in the very moment. It takes faith to see that promise be fulfilled - throwing away my own thoughts and plans - but the Lord makes the best out of everything! I was able to feel the Spirit, and the words came clearer and faster than ever before. I can testify that the gifts of the Spirit are still in the world today, and come as we follow the Spirit. All things testify of Him, and all the experiences I have had here in Japan lead me to Testify of Christ. Jesus is the Christ. He suffered for each of us, because He loves each of us unconditionally and unwaveringly. Through Him we can do ALL things!

Love this work and all of you!!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Visited a member when it was raining pretty hard. Blast!

Had lunch with the Bishop! American restaurant!

P.S. Our apartment is SUPER close to Shibuya station and Shibuya Crossing (famous crossing). This is where we visited when we picked up Skeets. I see it almost every day now. ALWAYS SO MANY TOURISTS!!! So a lot of people think I am a tourist too. Haha

(If you want to see Shibuya Crossing, there are lots of videos on Here is a time lapse that shows  it: )

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