Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 63: New Area, New Pace, New People!

Hello Everyone!!!!

So... Shibuya is AWESOME!!! PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!! Niigata is one of the larger areas in the mission with less people. Shibuya is probably one of the smaller areas, with probably one of the highest populations in the world. Bit of a contrast.

Some cool things about Shibuya:

1. We have a house. The Shibuya house has 8 elders in it. Always some thing interesting going on!!!

2. We have a door that was transformed into a Book of Mormon. We also have the largest crossing in the world. It's a five minute walk from the church. So, if we have a minute, we bring the door sized Book of Mormon to the corner, and talk to SOOO many people! We did it with everyone once. Quite a blast...

3. SOOO many members!! And we actually have a young men's program. And a primary. Niigata really didn't have either. Already know the names of the youth and I feel like we are friends. Played a game with them this week that if I couldn't remember their name I had to give them chocolate. Remembered most of their names... But there are twins that can get to be pretty tricky (walked out of the room, and they switch seats, etc).

So... Being in Shibuya is pretty interesting. SOOO many foreigners. In Niigata, you would see one very rarely. Here there are so many!

As far as the work goes here, we have two new investigators that told us they would like to be baptized! (When they find out it is true, but I'm pretty confident that it will click for them.) To quote one of them, "I think Joseph Smith has the right idea. How else could you get the truth when there are so many interpretations?" Brother S is progressing well, but we will need to work with his parents because he is not 20 yet.

As a Zone Leader, we already had our first Zone Meeting! First morning I was here... Little rough, but the Spirit was there and it worked out in the end. Wish we could have had more time to prepare, especially with both me and my companion having just become the Zone Leaders here. Just took the previous leaders ideas, put our spin on it, prepared our trainings, and went for it. Haha.

Though I was a Zone Leader in Niigata, Tokyo is very different. Much larger Zone, and I feel like I'm way too small for the responsibility all over again. But, I find again that the Lord makes things work as we put trust in Him! He has a plan for all of us, and He doesn't plan on any of His children failing. It's just a matter of getting in tune with that plan.

Well... Hope you all have a great week! Things are AWESOME here!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Strive! LA and investigator class with missionaries. Yes, my
companion's the one in the front. Haha. He is the BEST!

Some info about the new companion & area:

Companion: Elder Murakami
From: Okinawa 
how long out: only 2 transfers left
family size: 7 people!
converts/generation: 2nd generation

We get along great. :) Zone Meeting was great! Spirit was there! Lot's of new missionaries, and we had them testify. :)

ward/branch: Branch
how many people: 90?
was your companion already in this areayes, 5 transfers, but they changed the Zone Leader area,
so we are both kind of new in a way.
how many in the apartment 8 Elders. CRAZY! Just one shower - but it isn't too bad. We have a schedule and everything. :)

Basically a house. 2 floors, even bigger than the Honbu!

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