Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 61: Daily Nourishment

Hello Everyone!

Time is FLYING! Next week is transfer calls. Everyone keeps telling me I'll probably leave Niigata. Pray for me to stay please! Haha. But I'll be happy no matter how it works out.

This week was interesting! One of the Elders in our zone got in a bike crash. So... My last companion went to take his place. And now we have his companion. So threesome. TONS of appointments. And many actually fell through. So kind of just really fast biking and some missed appointments. Way fun! :)

But don't worry. We had some miracles in there, too. First, Brother I prayed for the first time. He got his answer. I think he will be baptized on the 25. :) Then, another investigator, Brother H, set a baptismal date for the 9th of next month. He loves prayer and the Book of Mormon. He was super solid in his answer. No hesitation. :) just need to get him to church a bit more. And he will need parent permission cause he is 19 (which is still a minor in Japan - yes, in reality, I am still a child haha).

Also got back in contact with Jacob this week! He actually participated in a lesson for us this week! Which is awesome. :) hopefully we can get him back at church again.

Big thing that has been on my mind as I work with youth and see so many less actives is the importance of daily spiritual nourishment. You know, eating food is a perfect analogy for our spiritual health as well. Do you skip meals? Maybe occasionally. Does it feel good? No. Do you skip meals if you get busy? Does eating get boring? No. Spiritual food needs to be the same! Don't spiritually starve yourself! Nothing is worth that! Eating your daily spiritual meals, not just occasional snacks, is essential!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

No pics this week... But we're in the mission office, and we got
haircuts... So that's something. My companion also convinced me to get
my hair shampooed. Biggest waste of money EVER! Not doing that again.

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