Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 91: Miracles!

Hello everyone!!

I had a FANTASTIC week!

First off, Sister S has been progressing SUPER well! She loved coming to church, and is asking us when she can do lessons now. She even changed appointments with a friend so she could come and meet with us! It is great to see her prioritize the Gospel! She was a little nervous about setting a date to be baptized, and we didn't have too much time to discuss (it was almost 9:30), but we think we will be able to make plans with her this week.

We also had a great Mission Leadership Council! I felt under prepared, but the Spirit was so present at the meeting! I'm glad that we were able to learn from the true teacher!

Had a Splits on Wednesday (pictured below) where we found 4 new people or so. SOOO glad when I actually get to hit the streets! Mostly meetings and lessons recently, which isn't bad, but I really enjoy "finding." Nothing brings me more joy than this work!

We also had 5 or 6 new students at Eikaiwa who were young! So that was AWESOME! Really improved the atmosphere. Before, we just had older people, so even if young people came, it was hard to retain, but the sudden jump in young students really helped! They all want to come back, and it was more fun for me too!

One thing that has been on my mind recently has been miracles. We all want to see miracles.

But, before we can have miracles, there has to be a challenge.

Moses could not have parted the Red Sea if there was not a sea to part!

Christ would not have changed water to wine if there was not a desperate lack of it!

He could not have calmed the storm if it had already been calm.

Recently, as we've been busy, but we really did our best to find people, we have just been seeing so many miracles! So, it is my testimony that when you have seas to part in your life, you don't need to fear. Sometimes, we have to get our feet wet before it happens (don't know the reference, but crossing the river with the arc? Look
it up! Great story! Sorry... out of time, or I would!), but the Lord will always provide the way!

As the greatest miracle of all, Christ over came death and was resurrected. It is my testimony that He lives, loves us, and not even death is too big of an obstacle for Him!

So this week, rely on Him, trust Him, and let him part the seas and calm the storms in your life!

Love you All!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Man we met on the street! He wants to come to General Conference on Sunday!

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