Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 92: It is JUST for YOU!

Hello Everyone!

I wrote you three days ago? So recently.... but just a favorite miracle to share, and I'll let you go. I promise.

Yesterday was General Conference! I hope you all got to see it. Honestly, just the Spirit that these men speak with is a miracle! I know that they are men of God. Each time I listen to conference, I have full confidence that this is the Lord's church, the Priesthood is restored, and Christ directs these great men and women who lead our church!

As I watched, I had an investigator with me, Bro C (met on the street this week! He wants to come again next week! :) )

He was only going to be there for the first 45 minutes. He was not a native speaker of English, but didn't want to watch it alone, and we didn't have it in his native language for a group. I offered headphones, but he didn't want them. It was the last session on Sunday.

The first talk was WONDERFUL. I loved it. However, it was not the easiest English, and it referenced the Bible, particularly the story of Ezekiel (forgive me if I remember wrong). I prayed fervently towards the end of the talk for something that would be easy to understand, and would connect to Bro C, because he would only be able to see one more talk before he could go.

The next talk was a conversion story. It was simple, and Bro C nodded his head and was engaged. As we talked after for just a moment before he left, it had really struck him!

While the conference was for everyone, I knew that God had answered my prayer. He directed His servants, just for me, and just for Bro C.

While, yes, this is the perfect plan for all of God's children, it is my testimony that God knows YOU. Yes, just you. And His plan is specific to you!

His Gospel is what will help all of us - and yet, it is the solution for you. Just you.

Christ suffered for all of us, and yet, in Gethsemane, He suffered for you. Just you. And so, His mercy, love, and forgiveness; His peace and help are extended to you personally. Yes, just you.

I love each of you! Yes, just you.
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Yay!! He got our package for Easter!

Office staff ice cream party today for p-day!
(with Brother Dibble)

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