Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 27: A Rough Draft

Hey everyone!!!

So... I have 9 minutes to be in bed. So... this will be a rough draft. Sorry. :P

This week has been CRAZY!!! Running from appointment to appointment! Which makes for a happy, tired, missionary!

As far as meeting with people.... Met with a bunch of people before Elder Harrison left! Crazy seeing him leave, but Elder Ikegami is WAY cool, fluent in Japanese, and is great at working with the ward. People just seem to flock to him. We were focusing on strengthening the ward, so that they can be prepared for baptisms. Retention rate is pretty low right now - like the two people that have been baptized since I got here are still active, but most of the recent converts are not. So that is a problem. Ikegami Chourou is definitely a great blessing! However, he came a day late, and that made things WAY crazy! (All the new missionaries came a day late, and that made things WAY crazy in the office, and made it hard to hit our appointments!)

So... anyways. I made it through my first week as a District Leader!!! Crazy, but fun. Never loved people so much, and never worried so much. It's been great seeing the Lord work through me! He can do great things even with someone simple like me.

We had our first district meeting, which ended up being AWESOME! Especially because everyone went overtime, and I didn't have to speak. :) But I have to speak at zone conference this week, so that will be interesting.

Everything this week has just felt like a rough draft. Just putting things out with just enough time! Been CRAZY! But it is great to see how the Lord can polish things! I was never the one doing the work anyways!

Well... heading to bed!

Love you all! Stay Awesome!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

This is my "SHOOT! I forgot to take pictures this week!" face. haha.
I'll send you pics of my companion next week

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