Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 29: The Savior's View

Hello Everyone!

So... I haven't had a full time to email since I got my new companion... We're just so busy! We'll fix that next week... Haha. Hopefully my emails get less scatterbrained next week.

Alright... So some miracles of the week:

1. Brother S (The less active) came back to church! He had a great experience, and plans on coming back next week! He was able to make great friends with his home teacher by playing some scrabble (I was the only Native English Speaker - some pretty interesting attempted words in that game). We've been working with him since I got to the area! I'm so glad that he is coming! And, on top of that, he wants to go back to the temple for baptisms on the 9th of February!

2. We went out on a ledge to follow some revelation as a district and we did TONS of mogi (practice?) lessons! We had WAY less time to go and find people to teach - but found more people than average. Like 2 or 3 times normal. So TONS of new people to work with as a district. Just shows that God's wisdom is better than man's. We were worried about shortening our finding time, but doing the mogi's put us exactly where we needed to be.

Now... What I learned this week.

I'm still learning to balance everything. Between tech staff and district leader, it really feels like there isn't so much as a moment to breath. Nights were spent laying awake wondering how to help the district's needs, and every spare moment throughout the day was spent going crazy. Needless to say, not very effective.

The part that made it the hardest was my own self criticism. Instead of looking at the problems that I had been able to help with, I looked at the never ending list of tasks and problems that hadn't yet been touched. My head was filled with thoughts like, "I don't measure up to this" or "Well, I messed that one up pretty bad."

My companion, noticed my frustration, and either I was super readable or he followed some pretty great revelation, and asked the question, "Elder O'Reilly, are you seeing yourself the way the Savior sees you?"

Perspective soon changed, frustration and helplessness was exchanged for feelings of love and strength. As I thought of this experience, I thought of Moroni 7:16 . Clear judgement - those things that lead you to Christ, are of Him. If they don't, they are not. Self criticism is never from God. It is of Satan. Any criticism from God, comes with so much love that it feels much less like criticism and much more like inspiration!

Love you all!

Stay Awesome!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Finally a pic of my companion! Well... Sort of...

Me and some penguins!

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