Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 32: The Joy of the Work

Hello Everyone!

Well... I am transferring. Crazy. Time flies SO fast. I am going to Niigata. I will be District Leader again, only this time a bigger district, and I don't know the missionaries. Little nervous, but I am confident that things will turn out. I've learned time and time again that God won't give me something I can't handle - with His help, that is.

Needless to say, I LOVED it here in Nakano. As a missionary, I came to love the Japanese people and made some close friends. As a District Leader, I came to feel as if my District was almost like my second family. I'm going to miss it here, but in the words of my recent convert, "It'll be ok. I'm sure that God will look over you where ever He sends you." He is so awesome; he has super strong faith.

In fact, he actually spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday! He was asked to speak about the difference he felt before and after baptism. He spoke of his journey to baptism - how when he first met us, he was depressed, lacking in friends because he had just moved in, and was simply impressed by friendly voices. Then, he learned to rely on the Lord, and learned to love prayer and the Book of Mormon. He testified powerfully of the joy that those simple habits can bring into your life. And then he sang the favorite words of a pop song over the pulpit. Haha Best talk ever. He is actually a pretty good singer.

Then, I got to see him fulfill his calling - Sacrament Meeting Coordinator. He picked a less active to bless the Sacrament. He only came back to church because I told him I would transfer... Technically I didn't know when I told him, but office missionaries generally get 3 transfers, so I guessed and told him it was my last. Either way, he came last week and will come next week! And I committed him to come to church every week for the rest of eternity, so hopefully he is pretty solid.

Then, in that same meeting (Elders Quorum), we talked about who wasn't coming to church. And Bro H - the recent convert - volunteered to reach out to some friends he had made and bring them to church! He is such a solid member, and feeling joy from every bit of activity! There is so much joy to be found in this work, and it isn't just for missionaries.

To be honest, my favorite part of this week was just seeing people find that joy. It is incredible to feel it, and even better to share it. Filled with this excitement, and knowing my time was limited, I went on splits with one of the assistants - we live with them - and we went out finding for an hour tonight. We literally left running, and we gave it our all. We were bold, and we talked to everyone. We didn't do anything fancy, just asked if anyone was interested in learning about our church. Lots of people said no, but one person said yes! Just a proof that God really is preparing people EVERYWHERE! He's 18, and I am excited to be meeting him again tomorrow.

Well... I hope you are taking every opportunity to participate in this incredible work. I can promise that an incomprehensible joy will come to you and all those you help as you do! Not everyone will accept your help, people will say no, but those that say yes will be eternally grateful - whether you reach out to them through reactivation, temple and family history work, or talking to those that don't know about this glorious Gospel! So share the joy! And don't forget to take the time to remember it for yourself!

I hope that each of you knows that I know that God lives. He guides this work, and He has a plan for YOU! He loves each and every one of you, and because of that, there is never any need to fear. God will look over you no matter where He sends you.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Temple Day (last week)

Valentine decorations from home! Even though they were up, I forgot that it was Valentine's Day!
Remembered when I saw my email today.  :P

Lunch at the Kotters (They're taking the picture)! This is everyone in
my district. We had Mexican food. In Japan. Yep. Awesome!

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