Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 34: Small and Simple Things

Hello Everyone!

This week was interesting... We met with missionaries from two other different religions (they were curious about our church, but we probably won't meet with them again), and people that were interested in English (started to teach about the Gospel, but their expectations for meeting with an American were different....). We were going to meet with some investigators, but plans fell through and people were difficult to contact. So basically my week was waving down every person on the street (which is actually WAY fun. Everyone seems to like Americans. And I am pretty much the only one in Niigata, besides my companion who most people seem to think is Japanese. I actually have had some people walk up to me and try to speak some broken English), and as far as real solid lessons this week, we had a few with some less actives.

The first is only not coming to church because he has work on Sundays. That is tricky, but he is working on changing it so that he can come. He thinks that he should have a break on a Sunday in about 2 weeks. Basically the only problem is when he got his job, he didn't realize the importance of the Sacrament. Taking it every week made it seem less important, and now he regrets not going for a job that he could get Sundays off more often. However, he has been working hard, and he should be able to switch that soon. The Sacrament is SO important! It is the perfect time to align ourselves with our Father in Heaven. I don't know what I would do without the weekly reset. God knows too well how forgetful I can be.

The second is halfway between our church and Buddhism. He hasn't been to church in years, and the lack of Spiritual nourishment has clearly taken it's toll. He felt something good as we read Alma 5:12, watched the video of the Restoration, and discussed why he joined this church, but he was still convinced that there were other roads to happiness (which there certainly are, but this is the only one that leads to perfect, eternal happiness and growth). He says that he lets the missionaries over because he feels something that he can't otherwise. I wish that I could make him see that that is the Spirit!

It really made me think about the reason that God gave us commandments such as reading the scriptures, going to church, and praying daily. It really is the small and simple things that keep us safe! A loving Heavenly Father knew our imperfections perfectly, and provided a way to overcome them. Through the Atonement, we can overcome them day by day as we do the small and simple things. Not only that, but these things keep the Spirit in our life and make hard times bearable. Testimony is essential! It changes everything!

So my challenge for you is to remember the small things this week! You may not be able to do everything, but you can do what is necessary to always remember that your Heavenly Father is in control, loves you, and will always do what is best for you!

Have a fantastic week!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Elder O'Connor is in the foreground, holding the cookie dough we made purely for eating.
Elder Morishita, one of the Zone Leaders I live with is in the background.

Me and my companion by a Storm Trooper. He didn't join the church.
Apparently the dark side has good cookies.

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