Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 102: The Lord's Hand

Hello Everyone!

We had some great miracles this week!

We tried a new way to find this Week. We laminated a sample of some English teaching materials, and went out to teach it on the streets. People came and learned with us on the street, but honestly, it didn't go that well for me. I only taught one person interested in coming to our class, and they weren't in our area. Maybe they went, I'm not sure. It sounds like it worked alright for my companion, though. (We were on splits this day)

However, the last person that walked up to us said she really wanted to learn English. When she found out we were teaching as Christian volunteers, she asked if she could go to church. We said yes, of course. We switched lines, and we are still in contact. She is not in our area, either (Tokyo problems. Haha), but sounds like she is going to church. :)

Then, as we walked away from the activity - note, we had put away the sign and such, so we were just walking down the street - a man walked up to us, and we started a conversation. He told us he knew Mormons, and wanted to try coming to church. He was busy this week, so we set up an appointment for this upcoming Sunday. We're still in contact, so we are excited for him to come. :)


Super nice man.

As we went to get our bikes from the parking place, we met a man who did a home stay in Utah, and had a really good experience. He wants to come to Mission School to learn English - but again, not our area.

I guess what I learned from the experience is that 1) most of my ideas tend to flop. 2) As we give all our heart might mind and strength, the Lord always makes up the difference. Those 10 minutes at the end of the activity were probably the most effective finding I had all week!

We were also able teach Sister S! She is in Taiwan, but we had a lesson over Line.


On the top, Sister S, right, our Taiwanese Douseki that lives in Tokyo, and Elder Miller and I in the bottom left. We also had a Douseki with us on our end, but I guess he didn't make it in the picture. :P

It was a great lesson. When it started, she said she wasn't sure she wanted to try going to another church. But, in the end, Sister S said she was really excited to go! She went this week, and said it was a really great experience! It was cool to see her desires grow and change in just one lesson!

Then, we had a really cool miracle! Remember this man?


Bro K. Super 素敵 right? He lost contact with us because he accidentally deleted his line app and lost all his contacts. We thought he had Unfriended us and left the conversation. But he went through the trouble to email the goeigo office and try to get into contact with us. So got his new line account and email, and he made the 1 and a half hour journey out to meet us.

He had also gone to English class at a place 8 minutes from his house, but he wanted to meet with us again because he felt like it was destiny that we met. He is very interested in Christianity, and is very open to learn. The missionaries in his area will probably teach him, but it was fantastic to get to meet him again!

It's been a great week! I see the Lord's hand in my work everyday. And more importantly, I can see the Lord's hand and power in the lives of others as they make changes to live His Gospel. Truly, Christ lives, and His hand is always stretched out to each of us individually! He will encircle us in healing wings if we will but let Him. (3 Ne 10:4) All it takes is sincere prayer and repentance. I know that as we make these a daily part of our lives, we will be blessed with greater joy, deeper faith, and a greater sense of confidence, direction, and hope.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

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