Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 103: Turn Outward

Hello Everyone!!

It was a crazy week. We had appointments with 8 or so different people... and 7 cancelled, and people fell through for church as well.  So, we ended up having a lot of unexpected time.

But, that was alright. In that time, we found just about the same amount of new people. I guess God just had a different plan then we did.

This is one of the people we found this week. Bro S is a great young man who is going to college. We are excited to meet again and talk about the purpose of life!

We also did some "Free English Challenges." We laminated some English material, and went and taught it on the streets to high school students. Two of them came to our class this week, so that was way fun!

Also, an investigator in the ward was baptized this week! So I got to interview him, and he was so prepared! It was great to attend the service.

Little bit scattered this week, but it was all in all a great week. Looking forward to meeting up with some more people this upcoming week, both new people we met, and also Sister S - she just got back!

I guess what I learned this week is just to always be aware that God has a plan for us in our circumstances. I never want an appointment to fall through, but several AWESOME people I met this week were people I met because things fell through. So, when things are hard, turn outward and serve! God certainly has someone for you to help - and you will be blessed with joy and comfort as you do!

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder O'Reilly

Excerpts from a letter to Mom when asked about his feelings about coming home:
"You are right - I'm pretty mixed on feelings for coming home. I had to weigh bags today... :P"
"It's an interesting shift. I'm not fully ready to make, but I'm sure I will figure it out in a year or so. Haha."

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