Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 100: A Friend I Can Rely On

Hello Everyone!

It was a fun week! Three Zone Conferences and an exchange.

The exchange was fun. I went with my District Leader, Elder Wilcox.

This man wants to come to our English Class next Saturday. Unfortunately, I won't be there (but Elder Wilcox will be). I will be in the temple. Bro O is coming down from Niigata, and I get to go with him! And on the way, I will meet with Bro S, since he lives in the area of the Temple. Saturday is going to be a fun day. :) Hopefully, they can both go to the temple.

We taught one of their investigators as well. He has an addiction to gambling, and from my perspective, is hurting his own life in so many ways!!! Obviously, he needs the Gospel. I don't think he sees that yet. However, by sharing some experiences, and testifying together, he committed to at least try reading the Book of Mormon and praying. He just doesn't want to give up too much time. I'm praying for a change of heart... but I guess, in the end, he is in control of that. I hope he opens his heart to the message of the Book of Mormon.

Afterward, we taught Eikaiwa, then Sister S. She is going to Taiwan for the rest of the month! That means the next time I see her will likely be the last week of my mission. She has been progressing well, so seeing her leave at this point is hard, but she plans on going to church while she is there. And she has found a reason to really pray and know if the Book of Mormon is true; she wants to know God better and how He loves her. So I hope she continues to progress well and keep changing.

The next day was a Zone Conference. We trained on Charity. The more I talk and testify of it, the more I am convinced of two things.

1) Most problems are solved by thinking of ourselves less. The more we think of others, what they need, how we can help them, and then put it into action, the natural result is to feel God's love and to be magnified by Him to accomplish great things.

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed, and frustrated. To be honest, I don't feel like I measure up to most of the tasks. I am a bit disorganized, and I have a lot of weaknesses. However, when I focus on others, pray for them, and work for them, things just work out. I'm certain the Lord's hand is in it, and these are the moments when I am happiest. Just have to work on making those moments expand until it is every moment. That'll take some work. :)

2) Christ loves each of us, and is the only one who understands who we are now, and who we can become. He understands how much it hurts to make mistakes, to go through trials, and go through mortality, and only He understands how joyful it will be when we return to be with Him. When we understand the love and experience that Christ has, the only intelligent thing to do is to strive to become like Him through Him.

I know that Christ lives! He loves us. He suffers with us, and comforts us when we turn to Him through prayer and repentance. How grateful I am that I have a friend I can always rely on!

I hope that each of us remember Him and rely on Him this week!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

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