Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 99:

Hello Everyone!!!

This week was transfer week... so it was a bit crazy...

Tuesday, we went and picked up the new missionaries. Meet Elder O'Reilly. Elder Thomas O'Reilly. No. Not me. Him. He is Elder Thomas James O'Reilly. So.... now everyone knows our middle names. Haha. Super strange to hear my name, and not have them be talking to me.

Elder O'Reilly with Elder O'Reilly

Wednesday we trained the new missionaries, and sent them off. Taught English class, and Sister S! The Nagano's were the members with us, and it was AWESOME! She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily. Even without reminders now. :) She came to church this week too! :) Struggling a bit with coffee (her doctor said it causes headaches to stop and stopping is also causing fatigue. So... he told her to drink it.) But she is still trying! Pray for her!

Thursday... driving test... me and my companion passed!!!

My old companion, Elder Nitta is now in the mission office, and he drove us there. So... we took a pic together with our licenses.

Friday, we sent off the old missionaries and had Mission Leader Conference.

Saturday, we had splits, and it was AWESOME! Met some cool people!

Bro. H. wants to learn English! Met him as we ate lunch near a university. 

Sunday, we went to a member's home with Bro. M. They are the M family (different name though). Such cute kids!

On the way home, we proselyted with Bro. M, and found Bro. I!!

He was looking for a church... and we offered to give him a church tour just before 9:00. He got excited, and said, can we? The Spirit was strong as we shared a brief version of the Restoration, and he wants to come to church this week! We have already been messaging back and forth this morning. :) He seems WAY AWESOME!

Yep. So this week was GREAT!!

I love the Lord, and His work! He supports us and strengthens us as we rely on Him through repentance. It is amazing to share those blessings every day! Hope you take time each day for real, worshipful prayer, and real, committed repentance. That is what we talked about with Sister S. It makes ALL the difference. It is really what turns night to day! :)

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

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