Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day Skype/Last Transfer!

This is mom/Denise writing!

I just wanted to include a couple pictures from our last Skype with Thomas on Mother's Day! He LOVES his mission! He is so happy and we can just see it in his face! It was fun to hear him speak Japanese to Skeets & Mayu. And it was wonderful to hear his testimony and feel the Spirit.

We are so excited that he is now in his last transfer! He will be returning home on July 7th! And the plan is for him to speak at 1:00pm on July 16th in our old ward, Manila 7th.

It is quite the adventure and wild ride to send your children wherever the Lord calls for 2 years! We have missed him terribly and have anxiously held our breath for each email to arrive. While it is difficult to let them go, we are all greatly blessed for his service! We have had an added measure of the Spirit as we feel his testimony and see his growth. We are grateful to the Lord and to the many people who have helped to support Thomas both in the mission and at home.

Thank you for your love and support! :-)
Hurrah for Israel!!

Waiting for his call...

Yay!! I love Skype!

We're so excited to see him again in less than 7 weeks!

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