Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 98: A busy 2 days!

Hello Everyone!

I feel like I wrote just a couple days ago. Probably because I did. But looking at our schedule for next transfer, our p-days should be a lot more consistent. This transfer will be a little more free, so I'll be able to focus more on my area. I'm grateful for that. :)

I wrote you Friday night. Since then, Saturday was District Meeting in the morning, followed by a lunch birthday celebration for Elder Dibble (he covers the finances of the mission)! Then, TOEIC in the afternoon. Our goal is to make a younger class. Currently the average age is 60. Makes it difficult to get young students to stick. They feel
uncomfortable with the class sometimes... but we made good friends with two young students that came this week, so I think they will keep coming! :)

In the evening, I "taught" drum. I did teach a few people who are really just beginning. I taught how to hold a stick and stroke properly. But the main student has years of experience on me. But she needs a place to practice, and it gets her to church, so hey, it's all good.

Then, yesterday, Sunday, Sis S, AJ (nick name) and Bro Y came to church!

Sis S is struggling a bit with the word of wisdom, but is keeping it, and is progressing well.

We teach AJ Japanese, and he decided to come to church! Mostly for Japanese practice, but he really liked it, and said he'll bring friends next week! So that is exciting.

Bro Y... I was on splits so I could be with AJ (they went to two different wards; Family ward and YSA group) and I honestly haven't met him yet. He's only met my companion, Elder Miller. He seems like a really nice man when I talk to him on the phone, though.

AJ also came back after church to a Recent Convert Fireside. Missionaries and recent converts gathered from the closer zones. It was a great opportunity for AJ to feel the Spirit and see how great the Gospel is. We heard from several recent converts how they met the missionaries, what was difficult about accepting the Gospel, and the
blessings they received from joining the church.

It was a great chance for me to think about how important God's work is as well. The blessings that each mentioned was different, but they tended to come back to one point. God loves us, and we can feel that love. We can let it direct our lives for good. Certainly, there are challenges in accepting the Gospel. However, the blessings are of far greater value. While challenges and trials are ever present in the world, when we choose to follow Christ, we can be of good cheer, for He already overcame all of it. I could see the joy and light beaming from each of the recent converts faces.

I am confident that as we consistently repent, renew our resolution to keep our covenants, and then actually renew our covenants each week at the Sacrament, we can have that joy and light always with us. It is as important for each of us to strive to overcome the difficulties and more fully accept the Gospel each day as it was for each of these recent converts to accept it the first time. And as we overcome our weaknesses and the natural man little by little, that same overwhelming light, Spirit, peace, and joy that comes through the grace of Jesus Christ and His Gospel is available to us each everyday!

I am so grateful for Christ and His Gospel!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

We went to Costco today. My companion was pretty excited about it!

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