Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 95: Perfected in Christ

Hello Everyone!

This week was AWESOME! We had a couple of Zone Conferences, and I got to go on splits to Shibuya, so it was a busy week.

Last week on Monday, we finished up prep for Zone Conference. Tuesday was the first conference,  and it went surprisingly well. We trained on obedience, English teaching skills, teaching about Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost from pamphlets (the church produces them and they are super simple, good resources, so we want missionaries to be using them more), and asking questions and testifying and teaching to meet peoples needs in finding. In all, it was about 3 and a half hours of training. Of course, it was interactive, so we weren't talking the whole time, but it is definitely the most time that I have been in front of so many people (the larger of the two had 43 or so missionaries?)! So... doing that on Tuesday and Thursday was a little tiring, but I'm glad it went well and we are off to a good start for the transfer.

On Wednesday, I went on splits with Elder Ikegami in Shibuya. He's actually one of my past companions, so it was a lot of fun! We had lots of cool miracles.

For example, we volunteered at a college and participated in their ESS. Nothing came of it yet, but I feel like as we continue to build relationships, it could go really well. Of course, it isn't my area, but I feel like this could be really good for Shibuya.

We also found a good amount of cool people on the street. Recently, we have been getting contact info from so many people because Line became available for use. This is what most Japanese people use, so people feel a lot more comfortable giving it out. But there is a new problem... we don't remember who they are... :P On a good day, we can get 7 or more... and then it is just hard to tell which account is who. So, I take pictures on the street - the order of the friend requests is the order of the pictures.

Then, on Friday, we got to teach Eikaiwa! We taught the mothers as the Sisters taught the children. At the end, we gave a Spiritual message. This week we spoke about being friendly and respectful. The kids were sooo cute!

Then, on Saturday, I taught English in the Morning to a diligent student at 9:00 am! Bro Y is 16 - and he is performing all our commitments for English and Spiritual Messages - still not quite an investigator, but he is gaining more confidence and light each time he comes. He gave a note to his mother this week with the reasons that he loves her. Just simple commitments like that, but I can tell he is happier, and is enjoying applying some of the simple church messages.

Also helped with some programming this week... this time I taught the Tech Staff, so hopefully they can handle problems in the future. They caught on really fast!

As I worked with the Tech Staff and with Elder Ikegami this past week (my companion when I was Tech Staff), I had a great chance to reflect on things.

When I was companions with Elder Ikegami, it was my first time being senior companion or district leader. I remember feeling overwhelmed at the time - specifically with giving trainings in District Meeting. Standing in front of my district of 9 missionaries made me nervous, especially since I didn't feel like I had too much to contribute.

In fact, for that entire transfer, I put my training at the end of the meeting. I let the first trainings go long... so long that I never actually trained the entire time I was in Nakano! I couldn't actually get myself to stand in front of the group of missionaries!

Well... I don't honestly feel like I have too much more to contribute than I did then, but I have had a little practice, and a lot of prayer as I have done my best to overcome that weakness. I still get nervous the days that I have to give trainings, and it certainly still isn't something that I would choose to do for myself, but I can clearly see how the Lord has strengthened me. While it takes time, I truly know that Christ can help us overcome our weaknesses; He can take us where we are at and make us enough.

While I still don't enjoy some of the tasks I am asked to do, I am confident of one thing: they are certainly for our benefit. As I have learned and grown - though I still certainly have a long way to go - I can say as Moroni did that when we are "perfected in Christ," or even in the process of it, we can no longer deny Him.

He lives! He loves us, and He stands beside us. As we perform His work, He directs us, and helps us feel the true joy that He always had planned for us.

Remember Him this week, and rely on Him to be perfected little by little - I can promise that it is a joyous process.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

With Elder Ikegami in Shibuya

 Way nice people interested in a church tour and coming to our English class!
They are musicians, and were really nice college students!

With Elder Miller and the kids after Eikaiwa (English class)

One of the trainings (got this from the mission president's wife)

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