Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 57: Wait... this isn't Niigata!

Hello everyone!!

I've had an awesome week just topped off by going to Brother O's confirmation yesterday!! :) great experience.

So... This week is interesting. First, I keep walking into the other room, and being like, where did all my stuff go? Haha. Weird transferring  from one room to another.

Second, I'm in the same area, but now all the people I was teaching I get reports on and I teach all the people I got reports on. It's especially weird when I went to church, and Brother O is like, why don't you teach me anymore? Well... We'll do it sometimes. Haha.

Third, I'm currently on a bus ride to Tokyo. We have a leadership meeting... So five hour bus ride! Crazy. At least it's p-day. I would have died giving up a normal day. However, that's going to happen on the way back...

Anyways. So... Some of the people we are teaching.

First, Brother S. He likes the church, and English. However, he also likes sake. So... Currently not willing to commit to baptism. We'll teach him about why these commandment things are important this week.

Next, Brother t. He is a son of a less active. Not super interested, but likes missionaries. Yep.

Then, we teach all the people on the streets. I'm pretty sure that's a lot of investigators. :)

We also met with a few less actives for the first time this week. Brother K was married in the temple, but never came to church since he moved to Niigata. Some one just decided to send his records finally after five years. Really nice, but though he still remembers the powerful temple experiences, his faith is a little low right now. That's what happens when people stop praying, reading and coming to church. :P but he's open for "role playing" the lessons. We hope that will spark something.

Next, we visited Brother J. He served a mission in Japan!!! Then... He got busy being an airline worker. Stopped reading praying and going to church. Interesting talking to him about the miracles he saw on his mission, seeing him light up about a baptism of someone they found by an absolute miracle, and then hearing him say he's not sure he believes anymore. But he likes missionaries (he wouldn't even let me pay for lunch), and I think we can actually meet frequently. He will get his patriarchal blessing this week from He said he was excited to read it again, so I'm hoping that will get things moving again! :)

So... You know? Life gets busy. It gets hard, too. But make sure that your first priority is always God. Because He always wins. And to be honest, I don't win on my own. Being on His team is usually a good thing. Usually? Actually always. It breaks my heart to see people fall away because they can't determine whether or not they felt something a long time ago. Just try it again! God loves you, and will answer your prayer, for the first, second, and thousandth time. So read the Book of Mormon. Pray. Let God answer you. Let Him bless your life.

Stay Awesome
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

On the way to Bro. K's... Farthest I've been!

Haircut! :-)

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