Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 59: Walking in the Light

Hello Everyone!!

This week was FANTASTIC. We focused on following the Spirit, and the results were great.

We went from less active's house to less active's house, talking to people along the way, and occasionally doing some housing. As we focused on the impressions of the Spirit, we had a high percentage of people listening to our message, and we found some people at just the right times (running into people on the streets that we had lost contact with; walking up to people's doors just as they came out, making it easy to strike up a conversation - much better than talking through the door speaker - or showing up at a less actives home at just the right time so we could talk to them when they got home, but before they left for work again). The miracles each day were basically countless!

And... We found 4 new investigators this week! A middle schooler, a College freshman, and two fathers. Two of them we found when both of us got the impression to knock on the same door. In fact, one day was busy, we only knocked on two doors after praying, and one was the Middle Schooler! For the first time in my mission, I like housing.

We've met with two of them again already. The College Freshman, Brother H wants to learn about Christianity. He will be baptized if he finds out it's true, and wants to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! We meet him again next Sunday... He's a little busy, but SUPER awesome.

Then, one of the Fathers, Brother S. Has been invited to church by a member before. He took a Book of Mormon after hearing the Restoration. He's busy until some time next month... But he plans on reading the Book of Mormon!

So... That's just a few of the miracles I had this week.

As I've read from D&C 93, and strive to improve myself, I've realized how much progression in the Gospel is really just progress in light and happiness. To the extent that we keep God's commandments, the more we get light, the clearer we can see, the happier we are. Basically the Gospel is awesome. SO make sure you are experiencing it for yourself everyday. Keep progressing in light until the perfect day! :)

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Super fancy desert we got from the Sister's investigator we helped...
She was having some iPad problems. I get asked to fix those a good
amount, actually.

Late at night... after a long day.. But this kind of shows my desk area.
Feeding the seagulls on the ferry.

Going to Sado!

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