Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 58: This week...

Hello everyone!!!

This week was fantastic! Went on splits to Tokyo then to Sanjo... So I was only in Niigata for 2 days. Haha.

Then, yesterday, we had to do some reporting, had some lessons, and had to prep for Zone Meeting... So... No time to write yesterday. Thus, this will be short, and one day delayed. Sorry. Next week's emails should be considerably better.

We saw some miracles! Found four new investigators in Tokyo and a new one in Sanjo. One of the people we talked to in Tokyo already believes in the First Vision! That was a way cool experience. We just showed him the picture, and he was like, that is exactly what I believe! Awesome. :)

Then, we hung out on the Beach with the youth, and shared a message. They need to be strengthened. A lot. If only families would do the simple things like FHE and family prayer. I talked to all the missionaries in my area, and NONE of the Japanese people have any experience with any of those. Neither do the ward members! Thus, about 75% of boys in the church are currently going less active before they become an Elder... :P That isn't good. The Family is the most important place to preach the Gospel, so let's preach it! Let's act on the direction we receive from prophets, and see the miracles that God is waiting to POUR down on us! :)

Love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

P.S. Thanks so much or the package! Way delicious! :-) And I got to share it with the youth on the beach. They loved it too. :-) 
(Since Dad was in Japan this week, he was able to send a big package of food from home for a lot less money. We sent things he can't get there ... tortilla chips, salsa, tortillas, swedish fish, chocolates... fun!)

Me, with random guy I met on the train. He gave me souvenirs from Canada.
I'm confused too.

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