Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 79: Another Great Week!

Hello Everyone!!!

Bit of a crazy week!!! We had an all day cleaning day on the third, because it's a holiday in Japan through the third. We only left the apartment for a short time for an appointment, and the two people we talked to were WAY drunk. Interesting. Haha.

Then, we had a meeting with Bro S, the recent convert, and Bro K, a super awesome investigator. Watched the Restoration, and he LOVES the prophet. We will be going over baptism with him again next time.

Then, we got a new solid investigator!!! Brother M. He is super awesome, and seeking truth! Particularly the purpose of life, and what happens if we die. I feel SOO blessed to know these things from when I was young! Perhaps I take such knowledge for granted. Can't wait to teach him!!!

Also, Bro S introduced us to one of his friends! He doesn't know much English or Japanese, so he had to translate. He realized something was lacking from his life, but the language barrier made it difficult to help him. However, he has been reading the Book of Mormon with Bro S, and hopefully something clicks inside of him.

I hope that each of you know that I know that Christ lives and loves each of us. God also loves us, and that is why He sent His Son. Bro. S did a few joint lessons with us, and is GREAT at testifying of these things! As he did so, I saw his testimony, which has already helped several investigators. As I have seen people feel and come to understand what we teach, and know it is true, it brings great joy to me. As Bro S shares the Gospel, he feels even more of that joy that I feel. I enjoy sharing it, and I love see others enjoy the experience of sharing the Gospel as well.

I love hearing from home all the good things you are all doing. I also love hearing the experiences of my missionary friends. From tying blankets for the Hospital, to setting a good example for friends and family, to opening our mouths and directly sharing the Gospel - it is all a part of God's work!

Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words! - quote from somebody. Probably. It's at least close. But my companion has called me a few times on verbal plagiarism this week. SO I at least had to site it.
(President Uchtdorf quoted Saint Francis of Assisi, April 2011)

Anyways. Let's just be witnesses for God at all times, in all things, and in all places! (Mosiah 18:9)

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly
- 王雷利嶺塔増長老 -
Ourairi Rei Toumasu Chourou

MLC January 2017

Went to lunch with this man. He is the son of the sisters' investigator.
Also, we are standing by the statue of the dog, Hachiko. Cool story. No one knows why there is a cat.

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