Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 80: The Lord's Direction

Hello Everyone!!!

So... I got transferred. Half expected (most missionaries are Zone Leaders for 3-4 transfers, and this was my fourth), but a good part of me REALLY wanted to stay. But, I'm going to Kasukabe, an area I have gone to on exchanges before, so I am excited. My companion is Elder Nitta, A Japanese Elder, which is also cool. I actually trained when he was trained, so I have met him before! I translated for him and my trainee at that meeting. Seems like it wasn't that long ago...

Anyways, I had a great last week in Shibuya. Just a few miracles I'd like to share.

We were going out to visit the Bishop, drop off a card, and find along the way. However, as we prayed at the doorstep, I had the impression, "you'll see the Bishop later (we would see him that night, but I had forgotten), and there are other people for you to visit." So, we changed plans on the spot. Looked up an investigator and a less active we hadn't seen in a while, and one former investigator that lived in the area. Before we set out, we called the former investigator to see if we could get an appointment.

He picked up immediately, and seemed happy to talk with me. We set up an appointment for this upcoming Saturday. He had been dropped for about a year, and had made it all the way to his interview before he decided that he wasn't ready to give up his own beliefs. I think he has great potential - the fact that he is willing to meet again, and it's been a year give me hope that there was a reason we needed to do that.

Then, we headed out. The Less Active wasn't home, but after we walked out of his house, we talked to a few men at a stoplight. They were somewhat interested in the Gospel, and very interested in English. And they knew me (or possibly some other missionary; lot's of Japanese people think all Americans look the same. One example of this is when they think that my hair color is the same as my older brothers, who both have bright, red hair. Haha) from when we ate ramen at his shop. We switched Facebooks, and my companion should meet him later (though I will be gone now).

Then, on the way to the investigator, we ran into a recent convert, Bro I, who was struggling with something and just needed to talk. Glad we ran into him. :)

At this point, we ran out of time to visit the investigator (Typical of me.... Over planning. Haha and we still had the appointment with the Bishop) but we started heading back... And found another new investigator!

Then, classic me, I forgot to give the note to the Bishop thanking him for dinner last week. Oh well. I'm sure my companion will see him again. :P haha.

That day (and actually a few days this week) I strengthened my testimony that the Lord is willing to direct us if we are willing to listen. He loves us. He hears our prayers. As long as we are careful not to let our prayers become rote, and keep them sincere, I am confident that we will be able to recognize the answers and feel closer to God each time we pray. This has been a source of strength, comfort, and direction for me, and I pray that it will be for each of you.

Love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

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