Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 81: Kasukabe

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been AWESOME!!! We are ALWAYS teaching someone. And SOOO many people we want to start working with - part member families, less actives, recent converts that just need a boost of faith before they can be sealed in the temple, etc. Our work here focuses TONS on families - strengthening them, helping them become active and baptizing the fathers, kids, etc, and then, of course, helping them become eternal. It is such a great work.

Plus, the Ward is SUPER supportive. The Bishop himself quoted Gordon B Hinckley and said that there is a better way than finding on our own - it's working through the members! He flat out said that finding is a waste of our time, and we should spend less time on that and more time on teaching members. It will definitely be different working in this area, but it's a good different.

We are already going to teach a father of a full non member family with three kids, a referral from the first councilor in the Bishopric (who seems to have dendod all his friends - many have come to Eikaiwa)! I met him this week just for a drop by visit and to set up the appointments, and I got to become friends with him and his three little sons. SOOO much fun. I get to play with kids and call it missionary work. Haha. There is just SOOO much potential in this area!!

And, I'm in a two man apartment. This is the second time on my mission being in a two man. Do you know how much easier it is to clean for 2 people than for 8? Maybe you don't (or maybe you do if you're my Mother... I feel a lot more for you now, Mom! Haha), but it is awesome. And my companion is super nice, and super clean. Plus, he is also super happy and energetic all the time. We are pretty unified on that, which makes it fun. And we both talk WAY too fast. I'm pretty sure we have exploded a few peoples heads with information, so we are going to need to work on that one. Haha.

Anyways... In preparation for introducing myself at church (which I didn't end up doing. I'll speak next week). I had a good chance to think about why I love missionary work this week.

First, I love my family. There was always a special Spirit in our home, and I think a large part of that has been from the Gospel. It is apparent whether the Gospel has been in someone's home or not. If a family eats together once a week, they would be doing better than most. Rarely do families seem to have very positive relationships. However, member families stay strong, and have great relationships and a lot of love in the home. I can testify that the Gospel makes a difference for families.

Second, I love my Savior. He suffered for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent. As a missionary, I get a front row seat on the miracle of the Atonement. I see it when it takes away pain from those who have lost a loved one as they hear the plan of Salvation. I see it when those who have guilt can feel clean again. I see it when people who thought they could never change or overcome an addiction, do change, and do overcome an addiction. And of course, I get to feel it strengthen, cleanse, and enable me daily as I do my work.

I love this work. I know it is the Lord's work done for our benefit. I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that He suffered for each of us individually. As we follow Him, we can experience true joy through the Gospel. May we experience that joy and share it daily.

Hurrah for Israel!
I love you all!
Elder O'Reilly

My new companion, Elder Nitta! He is SOOO awesome!

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