Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 82: The Right Roads - at the Right Time

Hello Everyone!

We got to work with a few really cool people this week.

First, Brother F - an investigator that got a baptismal date the Monday before I got here. He is scheduled to be baptized on the 19 of February. Didn't get to meet him, but did some Skype lessons. He doesn't get home until late, and lives far away, but he reads the Book of Mormon, and said he will come to church starting next week! He got really hung up on "no graven images" this week, but I think we got it sorted out.

Next, Brother D - another investigator. He is awesome. He asks golden questions and keeps all the commitments. Except one. Come to church. He is only busy once per week, on Sunday from 10-1. Ugh. He started doing Aikido club right before he met missionaries here and that is when he practices. So... That is a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure it will improve from here.

Then, Brother M. He is WAAAY cool. He is a less active youth, but he really wants to do the right thing, just not too much family support. He is super down to meet with us, and is even considering going on a mission right now. Just waking up for church is hard. But, since he is thinking about becoming a missionary, we might start studying with him to prep, and hopefully he realizes why it is important to come.

So... We had a few cool people we met on the street this week!

First, we were coming back from teaching Brother T (who is the golden, father of a family who just took a Book of Mormon and said he is excited to read it!), and I popped my tire. The first thought that popped into my mind was there is someone you need to meet, and you wouldn't have met him otherwise. So... We got my bike fixed (we were 7 kilometers away from home, and I did not feel like pushing my bike that far. Plus, fixing it would be faster than the alternative), and we started home. We were late (because of my bike), so we weren't talking to everyone. But, I kept alert, and we stopped to talk to one High School Student. We told him who we were, and that we taught English as volunteers at our church.

He told us that that was strange. He was just thinking about how much he wanted to learn English. He said he will come next week.

Yesterday, my companion and I were walking on the way to a members house. We were walking for a bit, stopped a man who had interest in Jesus Christ, exchanged contact info, and then he walked away. We realized we had been walking the wrong direction, so we turned around after talking to him and went back.

Then, on another day, we felt that we should speak with a man on a way back from an appointment. Turns out he was a less active, and we connected well on the street. He told me his concerns right then and there on the street, and then got his number. Looking back on his record, it seems that his father is against missionaries, and it would have been impossible to meet him other wise.

The Lord truly prepared miracles for us this week!

So, perhaps you might take a wrong turn this week, or perhaps you might puncture a tire. But, instead of being frustrated, seek to serve. You never know, perhaps God has put you on the right road at the right time. We can be the Lord's hands on the earth, and nothing is as AWESOME as when we are.

So stay AWESOME this week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder O'Reilly

Met this man while visiting the home of a less active. He just wanted to go out to eat
with an American (there are not too many foreigners here), and we said we could if we
shared a message. We did, and shared a bit of a message.
Not too interested in the end, but it was fun anyways.

Had a fun activity night! We played chair soccer. It's supposed to be mutual every week,
though not many youth come yet. We'll work on that.
Any good ideas for mutual? Just need the youth to want to come and have fun.
We've been focusing on the youth, and some have already gone from being less active,
to expressing interest in serving missions and coming to church. The effects were pretty much
immediate - they just need strong friends! Hopefully that can be each other pretty soon. :-)

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